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I hate not to find what I search when I use google, yahoo or other search engines.

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From: Germain Malenfant
Saturday 16:14

Dear Friend,

Do you remember time when AltaVista was king and Master of the Internet search. This search engine was very effective in spite of its rusticity. The number of Web pages was limited enough, marketing and the Internet sales were then quasi non-existent. The pages contained accurate information almost always interesting.

Then, by after, several tradesmen, editors and suppliers smelled the good deal and created for themselves one, two, ten, thousand Web sites. the most Web sites, the most visitors! On the other hand, these sites are of low quality.

In front of all this information, how to find itself there? It became very difficult to find something with a standard search engine!

Google made its appearance. Google made fury. Google was victim of its success and today the results of a search are bad. Star search fixed it!

Google made its appearance, Google revolutionized the art of research. The results that this one returned following a research were precise and one found what one wanted quickly. Google became popular, very popular. Its concept to be without publicity quickly collapsed in front of the money mountain which its creators saw. Google started to sell its white spaces to advertisers, and payed Webmasters to put publicities on their sites. All became commercial, the results of a search also became bad. Google was victim of its popularity!

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This software kills once for all google, and questions much more specific search engines to find what you want, and this quickly. There are hundreds of search engines which are already setup to answer all your types of research: videos, music, news, files downloadable on IRC, ( files shared by thousands of Net surfers), specialized shareware software, freeware games. It also makes it possible to consult the bible, the books of medicine and the encyclopedias and this in two clicks maximum.

What can we make poor Net surfers?

Answers: Seek with search engines specialized in specific fields. For example, youtube for the vidéos, flicker for the images, etc

There exists much of different contents and much of different engines. The difficulty is to find these search engines. There exists, with this intention, a very popular tool, that you must know: Star Search.

  • Comparison of the results of several search engines - this software makes it possible to compare the results of various search engines and thus to multiply by ten the possibility of finding what one seeks
  • Automation of the process of research - Use your search engines by indicating to star search the main category. This software will thus meet your definite needs as regards research. Create new categories. You can program search engines as many as you want in each category.
With this software, it is now made very easy to know the albums of music lately released and to download them

Pierre Tremblay http://www.searchevolution.com


It is almost impossible not to find what one seeks. If one does not find by testing a source, it is enough to test another of them. One can thus seek among public hundreds of networks: IRC, files shared among several users (like rapidshare network), ftp, networks of downloadable files shared by the Net surfers. In two minutes, scan hundreds of sites; it is a pledge of success.

Alphonse Gagnon http://www.searchevolution.com


Star search was adopted by thousands of Net surfers. Very simple of use, you choose what you want to find:

- video
- news
- downloadable files on IRC
- specialized sharewares
-freeware games

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With the search software Star search, you will save time and you will quickly find all that you seek. You choose the category, you write what you seek and click GO. It is all. Instead of seeking only on one search engine such as google, why not use 100 search engines!

You obtain the software star search as well as the future updates of the search engines ! You are not obliged to update yourself the software, people work on it!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!YES today!

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At present, you save 30$, do not wait especially until the creators of the hundreds of search engines prohibit to me to place at the disposal of public this marvellous software!

This software required several years of development. It can works with Internet explorer and Firefox (or of derived). It is very complete, very stable and the graphical interface is very simple of use. Look at the competitors and you will see that their products is more expensive. Look at the free software and you will see that is not worth expensive.

Look at it this way -- $69$ is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on Star search and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!

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Germain Malenfant was born in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec en 1978. He studied the natural science at the school and the computer science at the Laval university (got his diploma in 2003).

Don't you owe it to yourself to try Star search today?

Germain Malenfant

P.S. Send your name and email to sales@searchevolution.com after payment and wait 48 hours maximum for a valid key. Thank you!

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